American Auto Parts has become an institution in Christchurch. Anyone in Christchurch who owns an American vehicle knows American Auto Parts, and now American vehicle owners and mechanics throughout New Zealand have access to their extensive range of products, vast knowledge and can experience their friendly old-fashioned service.

Eddie Fairburn established American Auto Parts more than 30 years ago. It was a natural extension to his lifelong interest in cars and his passion for American hot rods and muscle cars.

Eddie’s love affair with V8s began in the 1960s when he built a side valve powered 32 Ford Roadster.

Since then he’s owned and worked on numerous American vehicles, including building a front engine side valve dragster with his own 4 carb alloy intakes and owner-made pistons. He restored a 58 Pillarless, built a 1923 T Bucket “Devil Woman” with various big block Chevy engines over the years, which Eddie’s wife Maureen raced with a ¼ mile time of 9.7 sec at 143 mph.


TextHe’s also owned the “Pink Panther”, a Ford Roadster, which was NZ’s top show car and in the mid 80s, owned a rear engine dragster and fitted it with a blown and injected alcohol 427 plus Lenco 3 speed. In 1990 he owned another rear engine dragster, the former Dick Lehae car, which was the 1990 World Champ car.
Paul French joined American Auto Parts more than 20 years ago. Paul also owns hot rods, a 27 Ford Track Roadster 440 , 28 Model A Roadster Hemi and has lots of experience in the field. Added to the shed is this model a coupe he built for his partner Lisa, hemi powered of course.

Eddie, Paul and the staff at American Auto Parts bring their knowledge, experience and love of American vehicles to their work. American vehicles are not just their job, they’re their hobby so they love talking to customers and helping them keep their vehicles on the road and in top condition.