500 cfm manual choke #1404

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Edelbrock carburetors bolt on and run right out of the box
Dependable street performance and smooth throttle response throughout the power band
Float levels are factory set, adjustments are rarely needed
Change jets, adjust floats and replace needles/seats without draining fuel or removing carb from manifold
Two-piece design means no gaskets below the fuel level for leak-free operation

Designed and calibrated for small cubic-inch engines such as 305 c.i.d and smaller Chevrolet; 302 c.i.d. and smaller Ford and dual-quad applications such as Edelbrock C-26, F-28 and Street Tunnel Ram. Match with an Edelbrock Performer or Performer EPS manifold and other brands of similar design. Includes both timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance. Comes with: Metering Jets – Primary .086, Secondary .095; Metering Rods – .065 x .052; Step-Up Spring – orange (5″ Hg).