Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets

Fel-Pro Performance Intake Manifold Sets

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Printoseal construction which puts beads of special elastomers around the ports for extra sealing power
Rubber-fiber base material
Resists gasoline and alcohol, while allowing engine builders to precision-trim around the intake ports

The Fel-Pro Performance line has race intake sets for the industry’s widest array of O.E. and aftermarket cylinder head and port configuartions. Whether a ported Chevy production head, a high vacuum “Mountain Motor” head – FelPro offers the gaskets you need.

Race intake gasket materials are selected to deliver excellent sealing white permitting easy trimming to match modified port shapes. Along with unmatched coverage and material variety, these intake gaskets are also available in thicknesses ranging from .030″ to .120″ – to compensate for cylinder head and manifold variations.